The Sostratos ONLUS Purpose Trust was founded in 2014 after some experiences of the promoters in the field of financing scientific research, in particular archaeological research. The passion that animates the founders has always been the driving force behind the activity of the Trust which in recent years has proposed itself as one of the few Italian companies to make non-profit research funding a continuous and unreserved commitment. The promoters of the Trust are free entrepreneurs who draw from their own assets the economic basis on which the Trust is maintained. The legal and operational headquarters are in Florence.


We firmly believe that Culture, the evolution of knowledge, the enlargement of experience, is the greatest wealth that human beings can accumulate to make our future better. We are convinced that well-being can be spread also, and above all, through investment in the living conditions of all of us. Knowledge means accumulate wealth, it means investing in the advancement of science, and capitalizing on efforts to improve all of us.


Enrico Benini (Florence)
Chartered Accountant passionate about ancient history.



  • General Manager: Prof. Lorenzo Benini
  • Logistics: Mrs. Fabiola Gestri
  • Finance: Mrs. Gianna Sassoli
  • Technical Assistance and Communication: Dr. Glenda Cattalini
  • Senior Archaeologist: Dr. Alessandro Viesti
  • Senior anthropologist: Dr. Francesco Coschino, PhD

Scientific Direction: (role to be assigned for each excavation and depending on the regime in which the excavation takes place)


Our main interlocutors are in the Public Administration and in particular the Superintendencies of Archeology, Fine Arts and Environmental and Landscape and the Municipal Administrations that most care about the research and enhancement of the historical remains present in their territory.

An important part of the collaboration is developed with Italian and foreign universities, not only for the purpose of hosting students who can carry out their study activities directly in the field, but also for the development of common research operations.